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My professional writing career began in 1967. More later! Stay with me, and I will introduce you to my books.
From the multitudes of my newspaper and magazine articles published over the decades, I will pick some favorites and share with you on this site. 
Yes, I finally got to Egypt -- before the uprising. During the first morning of my journey on the Nile River, with the breeze on my face, I knew I must have been there in a previous life. And, we enjoyed our visit to Cuba in 2013.

Please, check out the contents of my web. 
It is a work in progress. This is only the beginning. 
The goal of every writer is to be read. 
Meeting new and interesting people is the primary purpose. 
In addition to my blog at this site, we may meet me on Facebook. 

I hope you enjoy our journey. 
Marilyn Catherine McDonald
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