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Little Girl Lost
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Snowbirds Unlimited
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Snowbirds Unlimited
Tales from the Restless Traveler

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Snowbirds Unlimited merely scratches the surface of a lifetime of travel at home and abroad. Experiences and perceptions are adapted from ten years of published travel articles, and five years writing a column under the same title as this book.

The days of family-travel slide shows in the living room have passed, and we now have social networking to share our enthusiastic reports and photos on line.
And, if some of us are fortunate enough to do what I am doing – we still can
share the adventures.

Snow falls each year before we leave Oregon for the winter. Usually a light dusting that doesn’t last. While searching for answers to why we are called snowbirds, I found lyrics from Anne Murray’s song “So, little snowbird, take me with you when you go to that land of gentle breezes where the peaceful waters flow…”

                      What people say about the Snowbirds Unlimited 

I had the pleasure of editing Marilyn McDonald’s travel stories for RV Life, and she was a delight to work with. She always brought a fresh perspective to the places she visited and wrote vivid and succinct accounts of her experiences. I’m sure that many of our readers were inspired to take similar trips after reading her stories on Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, the Steens Mountain in Oregon, the Gold Rush trail in California, and other places that she brought to life so well.                           -- Mike Ward, editor, RV Life Magazine

Just glancing through your writing credits it appears you have more than enough interesting material for the snowbirds book. Count me in as an interested reader and purchaser when the time  comes.                           
                                         -- Brooke Snavely, editor, Sunriver Scene

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