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Alert the Media
How the American Indian Movement Used the Mass Media

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Alert the Media 

Two vital and dynamic topics are merged into one book. 
Alert the Media studies how the American Indian Movement (AIM), a major political movement sweeping the country in the 1970s used, and 
was used by the mass media. Chapter topics include: 
Movement toward social Change (basis of motivation, goals, structure and methods); 
Mass Media -- Power and Responsibility (cultural history and development); American Indian Culture
(language, beliefs, and institutions); 
American Indian Movement formation and foundation, leadership objectives and failures, and the trail of broken treaties; 
Wounded Knee -- 1973; 
General Custer in South Dakota; Wounded Knee Massacre; 
Chairman Wilson; Media involvement; 
Testimony of Douglas Durham, FBI Operative; and 
Dennis Banks in Oregon.

The intense interaction between the mass media and mass movements such as AIM has generated undercurrents of public discontent and dissatisfaction with the media. The media's perceived participation in and encouragement of undesirable activities and repetition of messages connected with the increasing number of political and social causes and movements adds to a political polarization.

Students of media, political science, and Native American culture and causes will be as interested in Alert the Media, as well as those readers who wish to become more educated and intelligent consumers of news. The public cannot resist own responsibility for discernment on the shoulders of media representatives. Individuals have a responsibility treat news and political commentary as they would treat any other commodity.

                                       Review by Dr. Jan Smith

I've just finished reading Marilyn McDonald's thoroughly engaging book, Alert the Media: How the American Indian Movement Used the Mass Media. For those with an appreciation for and/or skepticism regarding the mass media's extraordinary influence in our society, the book provides fresh and exceptionally well-documented insight. 

Using the American Indian Movement as its backdrop, McDonald is able to describe how the longevity, effectiveness and ultimate survival of mass movements have become deeply intertwined with the attention paid to them by the mass media. It's a riveting story that has been expertly told by the author.
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