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Children's Chicken Story

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An Unforgettably Marvelous Chicken Named Oscar


                                       A Note to Mommy or Daddy


Our children love to have us read to them, and show them the colorful pictures in the books we buy for them, or we help them pick out at the public library. Sometimes, they ask us to tell them a story.

Whether you read this story or re-tell it in your own words, it is an adaptation of a true story that was told to me many years ago. It is the story of what a boy remembers of that time we call “The Great Depression.”

Our young children may not be aware of the tough financial times we currently are experiencing. Or, they may have heard about “the worst economic times since the Great Depression.”  This story may help young children understand what it means to fall upon bad times, or to be poor.

I offer a “thank you” to Alfred Smith for sharing his memories of The Great Depression with me so many years ago.
And, I hope you all enjoy “An Unforgettably Marvelous Chicken Named Oscar.”                         
Marilyn Catherine McDonald,
Mother of Eight

                                                   Chapter I........ excerpt 

The year – 1933.
We were in the middle of something my parents called “The Depression.” They said the Stock Market crashed, the banks closed, and a lot of people lost a lot of money. Men were out of work and food was scarce. For me, it meant that most of the time my stomach made loud gurgling noises. 
My mother came to the United States when she was in her late teens. She was still telling stories she’d been told about the potato famine that hit Ireland, more than 50 years before “The Great Depression.”  ( to be continued)

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